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Worksite Specific Plan

  • A written Health and Safety Policy and Prevention Plan (HSPPP) has been prepared for the facility. This plan has involved a comprehensive risk assessment of all work areas. A designated Workplace Coordinator has been identified and is responsible to implement the plan.
  • The Monterey County Department of Health and Human Services has been identified as the appropriate authority to provide guidance and direction to our facility, and the appropriate point of contact for communicating information regarding any outbreak at our facility.
  • All employees will be trained on the HSPPP upon returning to work, upon hire, and on an annual basis as needed.
  • Compliance with the plan will be monitored by the Workplace Coordinator. The plan will be reviewed monthly to provide updates as needed.
  • Any positive test for COVID-19 within the staff will be investigated to determine if any work-related factors could have contributed to the risk of infection. If necessary, changes in the HSPPP will be implemented.
  • In the case of a positive test for COVID-19, all close contacts will be identified and isolated as required in the HSPPP.


Employee Training

  • All employees will be trained on how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and on awareness of underlying health conditions that may make individuals more susceptible to contracting the virus.
  • Employees are trained to self-screen at home prior to reporting to work using CDC guidelines.
  • Employees are encouraged to not report to work should they exhibit symptoms of COVID-19 or if they live with someone who has received a positive diagnosis.
  • Employees are encouraged to seek medical attention should they exhibit severe symptoms of COVID-19 per CDC guidelines.
  • Employees are trained regarding the importance of frequent hand washing and are trained on proper handwashing procedures.
  • Employees are trained on the importance of proper social distancing both at work and during off-work time.
  • Employees are trained on the proper use of face coverings, including the proper procedures for use and care of facial coverings.
  • Any temporary or contract workers will receive the training on COVID-19 and be required to wear appropriate PPE while at the facility.
  • Employees will be trained on all employer or government-sponsored leave benefits.


Control Measures and Screening

  • Temperature checks and symptom screening will take place for all employees at the beginning of their shift, prior to entering the facility.
  • Employees are encouraged to self-screen prior to leaving their home for their shift and to follow CDC guidelines.
  • Employees who are exhibiting symptoms are encouraged to stay home.
  • Employees are provided Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). A comprehensive study has been completed of all job tasks. Job-specific PPE requirements are in place including the use of disposable gloves, face shields or eyewear, disposable aprons and other measures.
  • Face coverings are required at all times when an employee is in direct contact with the public and/or working within 6 feet of another employee. Employees are trained on the proper use and care of face coverings.
  • Housekeepers will service rooms only when guests are not present. Housekeepers are trained to minimize contact with guests' personal property. Housekeepers are encouraged to open windows and activate ceiling fans and air conditioning systems when servicing guest rooms.
  • All employees are encouraged to wash hands after checking guests in or out, cleaning guest rooms, handling guest mail and packages. Valet staff, luggage handlers and housekeepers will wash their hands frequently. Luggage delivery will occur when guests are not present in their rooms.
  • Housekeeping staff will be provided additional time allowing for more in-depth cleaning and sanitizing between guests.
  • Housekeeping staff will wear face coverings, gloves and, when appropriate, protective eyewear.
  • Guests will be informed of hotel COVID-19 related policies and procedures prior to their arrival via their confirmation and pre-arrival email. Additionally, guests will be advised that the hotel reserves the right to cancel reservations for guests who exhibit COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Guests will be screened upon arrival for symptoms of COVID-19, asked to utilize hand sanitizer, and required to wear face coverings. Face masks will be provided to guests who arrive without them. Signage will be prominently displayed outlining proper face-covering usage and physical distancing practices throughout the hotel.


Cleaning and Disinfecting

  • High traffic areas, such as the lobby, front desk, staircase handrails, elevator controls and public restrooms will receive a frequent, thorough cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Frequent touchpoints, such as door handles, light switches, will receive frequent sanitizing. Surfaces will be disinfected during daily room cleaning service.
  • Staff will be provided additional time to perform these cleaning and sanitizing tasks.
  • Shared workstations will be provided hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes.
  • Sanitizing facilities will be kept well stocked and in proper operating order at all times.
  • Cleaning supplies provided to employees will meet EPA standards approved for use against COVID-19. Employees performing cleaning tasks will be required to wear gloves as required by the product instructions.
  • To reduce the risk of asthma, products that comply with asthma-safe cleaning methods will be selected.
  • Vacuums will be equipped with HEPA filters, and where possible sweeping will be avoided.
  • The use of shared equipment is discouraged. When not possible, shared equipment is to be cleaned before, during and after each shift. This includes phones, radios, computers, payment terminals, housekeeping carts and other direct contact items.
  • The use of shared food and beverage equipment in offices and cafeterias has been discontinued.


Hotel Operations Protocols

  • Reusable collateral, such as magazines, menus and local attraction details have been removed from all guest rooms. Critical information will be provided in either a single-use format or electronically posted.
  • Rooms equipped with kitchens will have all kitchen and dishware cleaned between guest stays, including any unused items in cabinets. All appliances, including refrigerator shelves, will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.
  • Soiled linens will be removed and transported from guest rooms in single-use, sealed bags. Bagging of these items will take place while still in the guest room to eliminate excess contact while being transported. Pillow protectors will be changed for each new guest. All guest room linens and towels will be washed at a high temperature and cleaned in accordance with CDC guidelines.
  • Guest rooms will be left vacant for 24 hours prior to or after cleaning before renting to a new guest, when able.
  • Daily housekeeping service will be modified based on guest requests. In cases where service is provided it will be done so without the guest present in the room. A period of 15 minutes will be allowed after the guest leaves the room prior to staff entering. Once in the room, windows will be opened to allow for the exchange of fresh air.
  • Sneeze guards will be in place at the front desk. One guest or family unit at a time will be serviced.
  • Cleanliness protocols are posted on the hotel website.
  • In the event of a guest presumptive case of COVID-19, the guest room will be removed from service and quarantined. The room will not be returned to service until the room has been cleaned and treated with enhanced sanitizing protocols in accordance with CDC guidelines.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers have been placed at key guest and employee entrances and contact areas.
  • Hand sanitizer will be added to the in-room amenities for each guest. Face masks will be provided to guests upon arrival. Guests will be provided a COVID-19 Awareness Card upon arrival.


Physical Distancing Guidelines

  • The physical distancing of at least six feet has been implemented between employees and others. Floor markings are in place in guest areas where a queue might develop.
  • Physical distancing protocols have been implemented in all employee areas.
  • Employee pre-shift meetings will be conducted in a manner that allows for proper physical distancing.
  • Employees report to work times and break times have been staggered to maintain physical distancing protocols.
  • Office spaces have been modified allowing for proper physical distancing.
  • Employees are discouraged from congregating in high traffic areas.
  • Employees are required to avoid handshakes or other similar greetings that break physical distance.
  • Hotel guests will enter through doors that are propped open, when able.
  • The Front Desk will advise arriving guests of physical distancing and face-covering requirements.
  • Guest room item delivery and pickup should be completed using contactless protocols.
  • Breakfast seating has been modified to allow for proper distancing.
  • Breakfast operations have been modified in compliance with local health recommendations.
  • When guests are requesting assistance with luggage, employees will do so with gloves and other appropriate PPE.



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